The requirement of user-friendly gadgets make us feel comfortable to perform the task has turned out to be a necessity, in today’s world. The following gives us the best optimality and also the necessity at the point of work.
Being a social person we should not cause pollution to the environment having had the thought in mind these gadgets have been designed in an environment-friendly way.
Just go through and find the best fit for you.
It is a smartpen consisting of wi-fi, voice call, Bluetooth and many more features. It is used for writing the text messages, replies to the chats we make.


We use to text on the phone, but during driving, important meetings, etc., it is tough to respond to the messages and text by seeing. This problem can be easily given a solution by “Phree”. This was an user-friendly gadget on serving the mini computer and smartphone operations. Just watch the above diagram of its construction to know.


We can write with it anywhere, and the motion sensor in it detects the alphabet we wrote and send it to the mobile. The text you wrote appears where you have placed the cursor in your mobile.
It is most helpful when we forget few things to write during necessary and recall them at a place where we don’t have mobile in our hand. By carrying with you, it is possible to make a note of the thoughts you come across quite often because it is same as writing with a pen. It has the feature to receive notifications from social networking sites, e-mails, apps, etc.

You can directly click on the notifications and respond to them on the go, by writing a reply on any surface, just like on pen & paper.
The added feature of this smartpen is we can make calls through it.


The overall features: voice calling, pen & paper type reply to messages, Write anywhere possibility, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Different styles of writing by changing the tip and much.
It’s just a pen but made trendy with the features that make responding easily and so simple.

The coolest gadget I would suggest you, to perform easy work without watching on the phone and responding to the past trend.It adds value to your pocket, and your mini vault of info is with you.


The most useful socket of the system at present is the “Universal Serial Bus (USB)” socket. The flexibility it provides to connect the variety of devices for operations made its use as the peak in the computer hardware of the system.We usually possess 4-8 USB slots in our desktops, PC and laptops. The recent invention of this 24 port USBdevice made the data collecting and transfer easily from many recipients at a small time. As the number of devices like printer, mouse, keyboard, scanner, plotter, pen drive, etc. cannot fit in one USB all at a time.So this 24 port USB slots can benefit the user for the more accessing possibility on devices at the same time.
Its cost is also quite nominal and useful for those who deal with wide range of devices at same time.
Time-saving feature and accessing features add the benefit of buying it.


Very sooner, our smart phones are going to be replaced by this ‘e-skin.’
E-Skin means ‘Electronic skin.’ It is a display device.The ultra thin e-skin was attached on the back of our palm, and it acts as display basing on the analog/digital nature given to it.


It is made of organic materials and senses the hand gestures and movements of the body and generate the data basing on it. It is still under research to implement it in the best way.The organic components textured on the surface of the skin at a height above the hair follicle reduces roughness.The texture of this organic material acts as e-skin.

The self-filling water bottle converts the humid air into drinkable water(H2O).
It works on the basic principle of condensation. It extracts the air present in the atmosphere and condenses the humidity into the liquid water which is drinkable.


We all know that condensation is a natural process but not a forced one. This involvement of these two made this invention into a possibility of recycling humidity into water.This water bottle consists of a solar powered condenser connected to hydrophobic surfaces that repel water. It was tested on a bicycle.


When the mounted up part takes the air, the inner surfaces get colder, and water droplets get separated from the humid air at the hydrophobic surface.
This gadget is handy because we quite often get tired and require water during cycling and it serves the purpose in the best way and solves the environmental problem of water scarcity also in future.


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