Norton being the best Antivirus


    Norton being the best Antivirus

    Norton AntiVirus

    Norton AntiVirus is excellent when it comes to antivirus protection. It is proficient and superior when it comes to blocking spywares, malwares, and viruses with its advanced prevention and protection system. Norton is not only efficient when it comes to detection of offline viruses; it also protects your computer systems when you are surfing and browsing the net from potential downloads that are harmful. It also scans your incoming and outgoing emails including their attachments.

    The latest Norton Antivirus 2011 is simply impressive and provides efficient security for your computer. It brings you a lineup of features and specifications that are the latest breakthroughs when it comes to computer security and protection.  Symantec has once again proven itself when it comes to the latest and efficient software innovation that will surely eradicate even the most harmful virus that cannot be detected by other antivirus securities.

    Norton protects by considering all the angles and dimensions of all components of your computer. It also encompasses protection for all browsers including Chrome, Opera, Safari, and more. Its protection also reaches to Outlook, Outlook Express, IM programs, download managers, and more. Norton 2011 is equipped with Norton Insight Technology. It targets the files that carry with it a potential to infect your computer system thereby bypassing those that are trusted. This means that your scanning time is lesser and quicker. Norton 2011 also has SONAR or the Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response. This means that it does not only address those known viruses. It can also detect malware-like behavior and prevents it from contaminating your computer.

    Another signature of the Norton Antivirus is the Norton Reputation Service.  It is an analytical feature of Norton that can determine the threat on the basis of its reputation, source, age, and popularity. This is an antivirus methodology that works synergistically with other features and specifications of Norton systems.  Norton 2011 also has Download insight. When you are browsing and surfing the net, there are many downloads that bring with them the potential to harm your computer. Some of them are even viruses. Norton Insight protects you against these.

    Norton 2011 version is fully loaded with features that do not compromise the speed of your computer. Each feature is designed and geared towards giving you overall computer protection against viruses. It patches holes that can be portals of entry for a virus. This is an added vulnerability feature of Norton. It also has a “silent” gamer mode. You can play without seeing any pop-ups that are ultimately distractive. It also allows making back-up recovery disks in your USB drive or CD. You can use it in fixing just in case your PC crashes.

    It also has Norton Power Eraser. This means that you can virtually “erase” false AV programs that are hard to remove. It can efficiently locate and remove it from your computer. Another free added feature from Norton 2011 is the Norton Web for Facebook. Millions of people are members of this social networking site. Facebook brings with it the rest of the world when it comes to the internet and this brings with it harmful potentials too. This feature will scan your wall and link to make sure that you are protected.

    Select Norton AntiVirus. It is absolutely efficient, easy to install and use, and is simply an excellent antivirus program.


    Sharath Reddy