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Keep Your Computer Protected with Bsecure Online v6.16

Keep Your Computer Protected with Bsecure Online v6.16 Online connectivity is now-a-days one of the most powerful ways to connect. However, as the modern technology continues to spread, advantages bring disadvantages too. The viruses, malwares and others such things that can affect the function and performance of the computers as well as destroy the data are really disgusting. For children who need online access, there should be limitations or restrictions in order to be guided properly.

Comparing Bsecure with other products such as Net Nanny 6.5, the latter has the lower price. However, this is for one installation only. On the other hand, Norton Online Family Premier and Windows Live Family Safety 2011 have the same web-based configuration and reporting elements as Bsecure. This allows the parents to log-in from any computer with Internet connection and change the settings in order to view what the kids have been doing from their computer. It is not much like spying but just checking or monitoring. This is what we call remote management which is also available in Net Nanny.

Bsecure has a wizard that allows the users to choose from a variety of choices. There is a simple configuration system available and the user can identify as many children and manage each of them separately according to what the user wants.

Each child shall have his/her own personality in the system. The user can represent them with icons as well as identification of their gender and age. After this, you can download the Bsecure client and install it on each family computer that you will be using. If the system has no anti-virus software installed, you would get a warning because Windows recognize the absence of McAfree-powered anti-virus which comes bundled with some editions of Bsecure.

On the web-based or online management console, you should match each user account to each system that is being monitored with either parent or child profile of Bsecure. Note that every change that you make should be reflected in the system in real time or within five minutes.

One main feature of Bsecure is its capacity to block websites – a feature not available in products similar to this niche. Parental control is easy and is more convenient with Bsecure. Its content filtering is independent of the browser. It can also block games which are tagged as violent.

Another important feature that Bsecure Online has is scheduling. With this, no child can sneak in the middle of the night to play a game or use the Internet.

With the above-mentioned features, surely Bsecure is the only product that can meet all your security needs.