Hello Sense and Sleep Pill


Heath tracking tools are the latest technological revolution. There are wristbands which can monitor everything going on inside your body, track the number of steps you took, the speed and even your sleeping pattern along with the quality of the sleep. Hello Sense is the latest sleep monitor with the same objective but with a difference. It does not sit on your wrist but on your night stand.

The sleep monitor has two parts: the main unit which you can place on your night stand and a small disc shaped clip-on monitor which is attached to your pillow. Regarding design, Sense looks like something straight from a sci-fi movie. With the size and shape of an orange, the main unit is covered with abstract geometric pattern which looks trendy and modern decorative piece. It is lightweight and packs all the cool stuff in its compact body. It has proximity sensor which lights up when you wave your hand on its top and gives information about the surroundings. The Sense ball needs to plugged-in continuously while the Sleep Pill runs on coin cell battery which lasts for over a year. The Sense ball supports two Sense pills. The pills are equipped with accelerometer which tracks and monitors body movements and head movements to analyze the type and quality of sleep of the user. Not only this, The Sense ball comes with a very comprehensible set of sensors: temperature, humidity, ambient light sensors, and one for detecting particulate matter in the air. It also has a built-in microphone. It syncs all the data to its application over Bluetooth and wifi.

Hello, the company that developed Sense has not compromised the ease of use over good looks. The device is very easy to use and works automatically- the only requirement is to plug it in and switch it on. To activate the Sense, you need to wave a hand over it. If it glows green, this means that the environment is suitable for a good night’s sleep. And if there is a problem, like too much light, high temperature, poor air quality, etc, it will glow orange. Besides, the Sense has an equivalently smart alarm system which wakes you up within half-hour of your desired time when you are in the light phase of sleep to make you feel refreshed instead of groggy. But it does not have a snooze option. The different metrics, i.e. temperature, humidity, etc. are recorded along with the sleep pattern and present in a graphical form which is then further analyzed for you to tell you how each factor affects your quality of sleep. Apart from this, the Sense isolates those time duration when you were in deep sleep and records the number of time you woke up in the night and at what time you got out of the bed. It also records in how much you fall sleep after lying on the bed. The data presented by the device is pretty accurate and easy to understand. The mobile application for monitoring the sleep is also very easy to use and customize. The statistics shown by Sense are very useful as it will guide you to a better sleep routine by modifying the environment factors. The Sense comes with a built-in speaker which plays out calming sound to help you sleep better. Of course, the feature is optional to use and you can even modify the duration for which it plays the music and the type of music, including the sound of rainfall, fire burning or even forest creek.

The Sense sleep monitor with a single Sense pill costs $130 and $50 for extra Sense pill. The company gives you 30 days for return and refund and limited warranty for one year.


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