AOL Active Virus Shield (AVS) Specifications


    AOL Active Virus Shield

    This is the simplest yet optimally proficient and competent antivirus program. This is also available and downloadable online. Its virus detection abilities are remarkable. This includes an active virus shield that gives you real time security and protection for your computer. 

    Active Virus Shield is a superiorly efficient in stopping the virus before it will infect your computer. This also integrates and incorporates itself into the operating system of your computer. It has a parallel and compatible to your internal PC protection like firewalls, anti-spyware and more. 

    What makes AOL Active Virus Shield highly efficient is that is uses a combination of the newest technology when it comes to computer protection coupled with the traditional detection system. The synergistic aftermath is even doubled with its in-depth scanning. All these facilitates in the wider range of protection against the known and even new viruses. This bottoms to an overall minimization; if not elimination of a virus infection in your computer.

    The real-time fire protection is another feature that makes this antivirus competent. This means that you can focus attention to critical dimensions of your operating system. You can scan distinctly on individual files, catalogs, disks, and more; this makes scanning and virus detection fast.

    This antivirus also brings you email protection.  Its Active Virus Shield scans and protects incoming and outgoing mails. It has a plug in and routine based approach when it comes to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Express. Since viruses today evolve from time to time, Active Virus Shield is updated automatically on an hourly basis. These are downloadable updates that you can have on a small frequent basis. This ensures that you have the latest antivirus program in your computer.  Additionally, this antivirus software will periodically provide you with information that will update you on your current protection status.

    The features and specifications of this antivirus are grounded on simplicity and ease of use. You just set it up and install and once you completed the installation process, your computer is protected. The advance software engineering of this antivirus makes it run into your computer system without causing it to slow down. You can even perform multi-task. You can continue with other tasks while scanning your computer.

    As a conclusion, AOL Active Virus Shield is highly efficient in offering and giving your computer the protection that it needs. It has a threat response time up to two hours. It also brings you real-time protection making your scanning convenient and fast. You can also have access to on-demand or scheduled scanning for your computer. It has the ability to disinfect and protect your incoming and outgoing mails. It runs without causing your computer to be sluggish. It is indeed an overall and holistic antivirus for you.

    You don’t have to suffer from the detrimental effects of a less efficient antivirus that does not work competently. Your system can be safe from infection by installing an AOL Active Virus Shield. Get your computer protected using the most advance and proficient anti-virus.


    Sharath Reddy