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How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in Windows Vista

There would be hardly any computer user who does not use internet daily. By browsing web pages, our computer saves a lot in a folder called Temp. The files saved in that particular folder are called temporary internet files. The Temp folder, also known as the cache, enables us to open previously accessed pages quickly.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Pirated Software

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pirated software to all human beings?

In these tips, I will first provide the Pros of the pirated software and will be discussing the Cons in the latter part. These are:


1. Buying pirated software is cost-efficient and cheap. It is less costly rather than buying original software that not everyone  can afford.

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Printing a Part of the Page in Web Explorer, Word and Excel

To print only part of the page in Web Explorer/ Microsoft Word/ Microsoft Excel, please read below:

Have you continually gone to a website and felt that you simply wished to print only the first part or half of the page?  You realize that, in the website, the juicy text that you want is sandwiched between a frame of links or ads on both ends. You do not feel the need to print everything. And if you do print the entire page, majority of the time, the printer would interrupt the part of the website that does not exactly match the 8.5" x 11"page size, typically pruning the text that you need.

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Protect your pc (Personal Computer) from Viruses

With countless pc users browsing the net at any known time, there are many goals for malicious coder. Whereas pc specialists don not perpetually understand why coders prefer to build harmful pc programs, the very fact is to it occurs all the occasion. Pc viruses will steal personal info, interfere with traditional operations, magnetize spam plus even clean up your computer’s laborious drives. Protecting your pc is important for browsing achievement.


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To insert Jumping Beans in Word Document Please read carefully

If you are operating with an outsized documents, and it happens toward you that it might be useful if you may link one a part of the document to a different location within the same document. You can click on Books, and immediately jumps toward Book section on pages of your text.

This characteristic works well in an exceedingly documents that have natural heading and subheadings. To make a link in an exceedingly documents that your reader will jump to, please perform the following steps to get this benefit-

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How to attach Hotmail with Live E-mail Accounts in Outlook 2010?

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Microsoft claimed that it'll advance its Hotmail examine, creating it a stronger webmail supplier. Nevertheless, refashion of Outlook. This text can teach you on the way to include Outlook and Hotmail. Outlook is well-suited with several email systems, like POP3, IMAP etc. Replace syncs your chart and contacts further as your email POP3 and IMAP don’t do therefore. If you employ the Hotmail Connector, you may be enabled toward sync your e-mail, contacts and chart with Outlook. This can create it easy to admission your PIM knowledge anywhere you're.

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NOKIA N73 or related devices problems

If you are having problems with the Smartphone especially Symbian based devices. The major problem is when it does not respond and freezes, or not performing well, the first steps are to restart it with the removal of SIM, BATTERY and place it for five minutes apart. The last step would be RESET but make sure to backup all the data and contacts before going for the last step to avoid the loss of precious data and contacts as they are very important to be on the device. There are PC Suites available to easily update/upgrade, backup/restore your software and firmware.

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How To Troubleshoot a Computer That Won't Turn On

There are many reasons why a computer won't turn on and often very few clues about what might be the problem. The only symptom is usually the simple fact that "nothing works" which isn't much to go on.

Add to this the fact that whatever is wrong could be an expensive part of your PC to replace – like the motherboard or CPU.

Do not fear because all may not be lost! Here's what you need to do:

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How Shared A Drive To The Network

Step #1 To Share a Drive to a network Double click My Computer.

Step #2 Then Right click the drive you want to share and click Sharing and Security

Step #3 Click the Sharing Tab and if you understand the risk just click it.

Step #4 Check the share folder and allow network users.

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How to restore your computer in its original state using Windows XP?

Are you experiencing some problems with your computer or laptop. Is it not running or performing fast as before? Despite using the different solutions like disk clean up, disk defragmentation, CCleaner, clearing cache, still the same problem occurs.

Now, what else should be done to get it back to its previous condition or previous state when it's running smoothly?

Well, you need not worry much since you’re not left with nothing if you’re using Windows XP. You’ve got a chance to bring your computer or laptop back to its previous condition. 

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