Zune driver was not successfully installed

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I have installed the Zune driver and it says that the device is unplugged. I didn’t make any changes, I didn’t open any application during the install. I have left it to install by the will and followed the standard steps. Why I can’t install the Zune properly? Please tell me the proper steps to install and how can I make it? Thanks!

Device driver software was not successfully installed

Zune XDevice uplugged

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Zune driver was not successfully installed


Hey Norman,

The reason why you cannot install Zune properly may probably be caused by the OS you are using. For instance, if you are using Ubuntu, you have to unmount the Zune from the host, Ubuntu, so that it can install properly in VMware. However, to manually or automatically install Zune depending on the Windows you are using, you can follow the steps as shown on www.support.xbox.com or www.hardwaredata.org websites. I hope this information helps.

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