Zone Alarm fails to install due to a compatibility issue

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Hello All,

I have been trying to install Zone Alarm on my computer for the last 3 days and till now didn’t get any closer to doing it. Windows always reports a compatibility issue and I am blocked from proceeding further. I have windows 8.1 installed on my pc. I tried using the Revo uninstaller to remove Zone Alarm and manually checked to ensure that there are no remnants of Zone Alarm partial install. Further I unistalled Avast and deleted all files pertaining to it just to make sure that the trouble was not from this end. Next I emptied the recycle bin, ran a zone Alarm cleaner and rebooted my pc. Then I tried installing a fresh copy of the Zone Alarm. But I seem to have no luck. This software just won’t install. Now, I am wondering if this is only an issue with me. Did anyone else have a similar experience? Do you have a workaround to fix this issue, please? Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Program Compatibility assistant

This program has compatibility issues

Zone Alarm 2013

Checkpoint Software technologies LTD

You can get help on the Microsoft website. if a solution exist, follow the instructions to try the fix the problem.

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Zone Alarm fails to install due to a compatibility issue


First of all try CCleaner and remove all Junk files and Fix all Registry Issues.

Since this Software downloads entire program and install its self again, Try following steps:

1. Download Fresh ZoneAlarm 2013 and Right Click on Executable file, Select "Troubleshoot Compatibility"

2. After Troubleshoooting that issue, again Right Click on that executable file, select "Run as Administrator"

Make sure you have uninterupted Internet Connectivity, the program will run smoothly.

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Zone Alarm fails to install due to a compatibility issue


ZoneAlarm doesn't just conflict with your operating system, it can also have conflicts with other software or programs especially with other security programs such as Norton Internet Security, Antivirus and Antivirus. So you need to assure that you disable or remove them first to continue. And since ZoneAlarm is a Firewall Program, when you install it, it replaces your personal Windows Firewall. So you may need to disable it also. And since you already tried to install it, there is a chance that some registries from ZoneAlarm have installed on your computer, if this is the case, run a cleaner to clean your registry.

You can also try to boot selectively. Follow the steps below:

1. Click on Start and type MSConfig in the search field and press Enter.

2. Click the Startup tab and untick all the checks except for the ZLClient check box.

3. Under the Services tab, tick the "Hide all Microsoft Services" check box.

4. Restart your computer.

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Zone Alarm fails to install due to a compatibility issue


Hi Tomas,

There is a another Techyv post which one will be helpful for you too to resolve this issue. Go this page and get the idea. 

Program start-up error with compatibility issue

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