Your connection to the wireless network is turned off

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Hi there,

This morning I got this error when I tried to connect to my home wireless network with my phone. It says that no connection was found and I have verified everything, the Internet connection is working, wireless is activated and I made a new connection on my phone. Does anyone have any idea about this error ? What could be the error ?

Thank you !

Unable to Complete Setup

No Connection Found

Your connection to the wireless network is turned off. Restored your connection and try again.


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Your connection to the wireless network is turned off


Hello There,

Please check these steps to fix such issue

1. From when this problem started? If it started after installing certain apps or after making certain change, then restore that back and retry. Your problem should get resolved. Else go to next step.

2. Does it happen for all online apps install/setup? Else there could be problem with installer, if yes, then a factory reset is needed. Your problem should get resolved now. Else, go to nest step.

3. Does such disconnection happen only when you try to install something? or connection gets dropped every now and then

Check how connection is being blocked, disable if any antivirus is there. Check signal strength and ensure a full strength during this activity.

Your issue should get resolved by now. But if it still exists, go to next step.

4. Hopefully you are using a 3G connection or higher, else that could also be a bottle-neck ness

5. Sometimes, you need to log into some apps store or official website to download and install apps, if that particular host is unable to support your connection because of any issue, that may also create such problem.

However, your issue should get fixed now. But if it still persists, reach official support for further help.

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