Yahoo Messenger 10 on Win 7 ERROR!!!

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Yahoo Messenger 10 has  lot of issues. I have been using older versions of Yahoo Messenger for the past years with no problems at all. But lately, my Yahoo keeps on freezing and sending  alert box with error like this:

Yahoo Messenger is not responding

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem. If you close the program, you might lose information.

Then it gave me three options:  to check for online solution, close the program or wait for it to respond. Neither of the two  has an effect. The error still continues.

My YM on my other computer works fine, although there are times that I cannot easily log in to my account. There is also an error of cannot sign in to Yahoo please try again later. Then it would work again after few minutes. I am using

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

System Type: 32-Bit Operating System

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual Core with 2.00GHz

I tried uninstalling it from my system, but it still keeps on hanging then stop working. I don't want to downgrade to lower version again since some of my friends are using version 10. The bad side of it is that there are features on Yahoo 10 that won't work with older version. How can I fix this error?

I don't see any problem with my firewall settings. It doesn't block Yahoo. I hope that the developers of Yahoo will be able to fix all the issues.

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Yahoo Messenger 10 on Win 7 ERROR!!!


There are possible reasons why yahoo messenger does not work properly based on your problem. One possible cause is that a missing dll was indicated by your operating system.

It is also possible that this missing dll file was unintentionally deleted by viruses in your pc. Another cause was some dll files were misallocated, and that file was included. Much more worst, the file was deleted.

How can you resolve this issue? First option was to run an update full scan using your antivirus and let your antivirus work. Delete the detected ones and then try to reboot your pc. Then run your yahoo messenger again.

If the first option does not work, you can do the second one, and that is identifying what file is causing the error. You can check that in the event manager in your control panel.

You can access event viewer by Control Panel > Administrator tools > Computer management > Event viewer. You can check the logs of the errors encountered by checking all the logs indicated by the exclamation point sign. If you identified what file causes the problem, you can search the file through Google and download it.

Then you are required to copy it to its original position. After, try to test your yahoo messenger, I assure you that it will run again smoothly. Sometimes, it tends to return to its original problem, best thing to do is to uninstall existing yahoo messenger and do a reinstallation. This solution is required to use for you must replaced defective ones with working ones.

After re-installation, run the yahoo messenger again and try to log-in. If still does not resolve your problem, try to check whether your installation file of yahoo messenger is compatible to your operating system installed. You must take not that you cannot run a 64-bit application to a 32-bit operating system.

And also take note of the fact that there is an installer file dedicated for windows 7, an installer for windows vista, and installer for windows xp , and any other operating system. If still does not solve your problem, you are recommended to do an operating system repair by using your windows installation cd. It is possible that a virus that was no detected by your antivirus still works in your PC.

It is somehow a virus that does infect your operating system badly. I still operating system repair does not even solve the problem, I do recommend as well to do a full reformat of your computer, install your device drivers and any other important applications, and install yahoo messenger the offline installer to prevent missing files because sometimes intermittent connections causes missing dll as well.

After installation, you can try to log in your yahoo messenger. I can assure you that your yahoo messenger will be working on a newly formatted computer. You can check also the support website of yahoo messenger for additional information. Much even, you can also search in Google for possible answers and solution aside from my recommendations to you. 

Thank you for reading my post.

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Yahoo Messenger 10 on Win 7 ERROR!!!



Yes there are so many YM user that they are not satisfied to the version 10 of YM.

I read so many forums about this and they only pinpointing is there are so many bugs in the Yahoo messenger 10 beta, but according to Yahoo they release a new update of version 10 fix those bugs. But unfortunately the link they posted is not available.

But there is other version that still stable and more reliable to use,

Like you, I’m also used windows 7 and the YM that I used is version 8.

Here is the link

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Yahoo Messenger 10 on Win 7 ERROR!!!


Hi guys!

Sorry for late reply and thank you for helping me troubleshoot my problem with yahoo. With your help, I manage to solve the issue.

Thanks again.

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