Yahoo Mail found unusual activity on my account

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I am using yahoo mail, and when I tried to access my email this morning I was getting an error message. It is saying that it found unusual activity on my email. And that I won’t be able to do anything on my email for the next 48 hours. I just don’t understand what I did wrong for the past 24 hours. Help me please.

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Yahoo Mail found unusual activity on my account


Hi Brent,

I have read your issue and here are the things that you need to check.

For the past few days, have you noticed anything out of the ordinary happening in your   mailbox? If you are suspecting anything at all, you need to change your password right away. You go to your Account info page, sign in and change your password there.

This could also happen if yahoo detected large amount traffic in your account. This could be from the mailing list that you might have subscribed and that you are not actively using. It’s recommended to unsubscribe to these to decrease chance of getting this error message again.

You also need to clean up the messages that you are receiving from these particular mailing lists.

Check in your inbox if there are large attachments from these mailing lists you are subscribing and try to delete these large files from your inbox, or better yet unsubscribe to it.

Check your mail inbox for large attachments that might have been sent you by your friend or co-worker since this could cause the error message as well.

Make sure to clear your browser cache or history after doing all of these things. This process is recommended daily to optimize your browser’s performance as well. And this is also to ensure that the page you are getting is not a cached page.

I hope this solution works for you. If it still unable to access email after 48 hours, please escalate to yahoo.

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Yahoo Mail found unusual activity on my account



  Yahoo suspends accounts if they find unusual activity on your email account. These activities can be spamming emails sent from your account, activity from a person who isn't the owner of the account, exceeding usage limit etc.

  The 48 hours they have asked for is to investigate about it. During your suspension time you will have access to your account a can view your Inbox, personal folders, Sent folder, and to your mail options but can't send or receive mails.

  You should check your account for any activity stated above. If your account is not restored after 48 hours the talk to the customer care about it.

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