Xbox 720 is on the way

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There are lots of rumors that are scattered along the web and different forums and social networking sites about the latest  upcoming Xbox console. What should we expect to this new gadgets? They said it can be connected to the internet. Is this really true?If this is true is there any limitation when surfing the net?

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Xbox 720 is on the way


Hi Ronwhiz04,


There are a lot of rumours lurking around the web regarding the future replacement of the Xbox 360 console, the Xbox 720.
Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no new talk of new Xbox hardware anytime soon, but there are supposedly leaks that Microsoft is indeed working on a new Xbox hardware. There are magazines claiming that a 2013 release window has been confirmed. A famous blogger stated that the Xbox 720 might be smaller and cheaper than the existing console. The supposedly leaked document also mentions a $299(£190) price point. The next-gen console might be enhanced with: improved draw distance; better speed; additional functionality with the new controller; and possibly new features, such as Xbox 720-only downloadable content. Regarding if the Xbox 720 can be connected to the internet, I don't think having an always-on internet access might actually be enjoyable. There might be occasions when you cannot enjoy your Xbox 720 because of bad internet conditions.
Either way if the Xbox 720 will have or not have an internet connection all of us are extremely excited to find out the launch of the completely new Xbox 720.



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