X Split error occurs while attempting to start X Split

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I got the following error message when I attempted to start X Split. I have reinstalled the older version of X Split but I can’t get the resolution. I also searched for the solution online I need your assistance to fix this problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. I am using Windows 7 Operating system.


XSplit has detected that Internet Explorer is not installed.

XSplit requires at least version 7 of Internet Explorer to work properly.

Would you like to get the latest version of Internet Explorer now?

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X Split error occurs while attempting to start X Split


The only problem here is an unsupported web browser. Since the program detected that you are not using Internet Explorer 7 then you are probably using only version 6. To download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer depending on your operating system, visit The Latest Browser for Microsoft Windows.

The page will automatically detect your operating system and will recommend the latest version applicable for your platform. If you are running Microsoft Windows XP, it will suggest downloading Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 because this is the latest and last version available for Windows XP. Later versions of Internet Explorer like version 9 no longer support Windows XP.

Depending on your operating system, download and install the version that will be displayed on the page to upgrade your present version. I think this is the only problem that prevents you from running XSplit Broadcaster. If you are running Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8, you can upgrade to XSplit Broadcaster 1.3.1310.1103 RC the latest version.

In case you encounter another problem, make sure you already have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. You can download the latest version from XSplit Broadcaster 1.3.1310.1103 RC.

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