Cannot rename downloaded file from temp folder

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I tried to download VLC player from internet. When the download was completed,I received the below error.

After I received this error, I double-clicked the downloaded file– it was not working.

I tried to download this file again and again, but I was receiving same error.

Can anyone tell me the solution? Urgent.


Cannot rename downloaded file from temp folder (C:Documents and SettingsSHAHEEN IQBALApplication DataIDMDwnlDataSHAHEEN IQBALvlc-1.1.11 –win32_2vlc-1.1.11 –win32.exe) to C:Documents and SettingsSHAHEEN IQBALDesktop vlc-1.1.11 –win32.exe

Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
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Cannot rename downloaded file from temp folder


To solve this problem you must follow the path given in the message box and delete that entry or delete the file which is downloaded.

After deleting that file. you should have to go to the site from where you are downloading the vlc player and click on download VLC player.

A dialog box will be opened choose different location for the file and download it. when download complete successfully go to that directory open it and click on the setup of VLC player. It will work correctly and you will be able to install VLC player.

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Cannot rename downloaded file from temp folder



  • I guess there is a problem in the files you are about to rename.
  • The cause of the file that cannot be change or rename is either it is infected with a virus and your file that you try to open is corrupted.
  • Sometimes, a file can be infected  and the reason for this is, where did you saved the file, what or where did you get the file. Sometimes a portable USB  can be the reason of infecting all the files that are saved in your USB, thus, this will be infected and can infect the other system in your computer and corrupt your OS or the files you are using upon inserting to your unit.
  • One way to resolve this is to DELETE the old file and saving it again.
  • Just Go to the data where you saved the file and delete it then download the file again in different data. Or make a new folder in data D then saved it in there.

I hope this tips will work..

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Cannot rename downloaded file from temp folder


>> The problem is in the file itself. It might not be compatible to your OS.

>> The file might be a read-only file that cannot be saved in your temporary folder.

>> Trying checking the compatibility issue with your OS

>> If it is compatible, then try saving your file in different file name or save it in desktop for fast access when installing the player in your PC

>> Since downloaded files are stored in temporary folder, it cannot be saved in that folder with the same file name.

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Cannot rename downloaded file from temp folder


This can happen if you downloaded the file twice but normally it shouldn’t happen because the file should be renamed automatically if it has an identical file name. The program in fault there is your Internet Download Manager because you used it to download VLC media player. The easiest workaround is to copy the file from the temp folder indicated in the dialog to your local folder.

Another way to download the file successfully, don’t use Internet Download Manager when downloading from a website. Just use the web browser’s own downloader or download manager and let it download the file for you. VLC media player is just a small file to download. The main purpose of using Internet Download Manager is when downloading huge files like a movie file.

It helps you download the file much faster than usual. But if the file is only small like around more or less 50 MB, let the browser download it. Since that’s a very old version you are downloading, you should download the latest VLC media player and upgrade your existing version.

If the problem continues with your Internet Download Manager, you should reinstall it or update it to the latest version.

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