Write about the TCP/IP in networking system?

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Write about the TCP/IP in networking system?

Can anyone help me in writing a little about it

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Write about the TCP/IP in networking system?




TCP/IP is the abbreviation of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. It is the communication language of the Internet. It is also used as a protocol in an intranet or an extranet. TCP/IP has two-layers. The higher layer is called Transmission Control Protocol. The lower layer is known as Internet Protocol It takes care of the addresses so that they will reach their destination.

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Write about the TCP/IP in networking system?


TCP/IP contains two acronyms – TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) which is the communication between computer applications whereas; IP (Internet Protocol) is communication between computers. TCP converts larger amounts of data into data packets. If the data packets were broken, IP sends the packets to the proper place which is called as routing. When the data pockets reach their destination, that computer’s TCP reassembles the packets and in turn, combined TCP/IP helps to get through the Internet.

To access the Internet, computers needs a network connection and an IP address which is helpful for identifying one’s own computer. These are unique for each computer connected to the Internet and are formed using TCP/IP traffic. To create a network, a router is necessary so that the computers can communicate.

All modern networks are designed using a layered approach which represents predefined interface to the layer above it. By doing so, a modular design will be developed to minimize problems in the development of new applications.

TCP/IP was designed and developed which has four layers:

1. Application   
It provides an Authentication, compression, and end user services.

2. Transport    
 The transport uses two protocols, UDP and TCP. UDP (User Datagram Protocol) does not guarantee packet delivery and applications but TCP does guarantee delivery of packets to the applications which use it. It handles the flow of data between systems and provides access to the network for applications via the (BSD socket library)

3. Network  
The network layer is concerned with packet routing and uses low level protocols such as ICMP, IP, and IGMP.

4. Link   
The link layer is concerned with the actual transmittal of packets as well as IP to Ethernet address translation. This layer is concerned with Arp, the device driver, and Rarp.

For more detailed description, you can visit the below link for reference.


Hope the above information helps you better.

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