Working with Kidle e-book format for windows and advantages

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How can I create an e-book in Kindle and does this require ant special skill? what is the difference between Kindle and other e-book soft wares? Is there any special feature in Kindle that makes it so unique? Is there a debian version that is available for a Linux environment? How do you install dependencies for the software if any?

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Working with Kidle e-book format for windows and advantages

Fortunately, you don't need any special skill to create an ebook for Kindle. There are four ways to create a book for upload to Kindle.
Option 1: use Word Doc files: If you have images, make sure to "insert" them into your document instead of copy and pasting them. Also, use hard returns as little as possible, and have page breaks at the end of chapters. 
Option 2: create HTML documents: This is if you know how to make web pages and such. To do this, in Microsoft Word, choose "Save as" and then "Web Page, Filtered (*HTM & *HTML)" for PC or "Web Page (.htm) for Mac.
Option 3: create PDF files: To do this, in Word, choose "Save as" and then "PDF".
Option 4: create uPub files with Apple Pages: To export your file from Apple Pages, hit "share" on the menu bar, then "Export", and then "ePub". An ePub file will then be created for upload to the Kindle site.
More detailed information can be found at Amazon's web site by going to
The advantage to going with this method is that you already know it's compatible with Kindle.
However, other eBook software may have features that make it better to use than Kindle. For example, the eBook Maestro PRO software is great for those who aren't webmasters and don't know HTML. It also provides a step-by-step process for you create your eBook.
And yes, it looks like you can put a debian version on a Kindle.
Whether or not there are dependancies, however, seems to be based on which ebook software you choose to buy.

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