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Hi Guys,

I am using wordpress I want make "STATIC POST" as "STATIC HOME PAGE" i know how can i make static page my static home page but i want make static post as a static home page. If any one know its solution please tell me. Before giving answer question should be clear

Thanks for you time.

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WordPress Question Challenge For every one


Hello Shaheen,

Here are the few comment over you answer. Please follow the step by step instructions…

WordPress have made it super easy to create a static home page. It’s just a matter of point and click. However, you still have to add your content of course in as STATIC HOME PAGE but we will go into that a little further on in this article.
Here are the steps for creating a static home page in WordPress:

1. In your WordPress dashboard go to Pages –> Add New.

2. Create a page called Home Page (you can actually call it whatever you like). Add your content (refer below for more info on what to add) and Publish the page. (Note that you can create a full-width page if your WordPress theme provides you with that option).

3. In your WordPress dashboard go to Settings —> Reading and click the Static Page option and from the drop-down field next to it select the Page you just created in step 2.

4. Click Save Changes and go to your home page on your site and your new page will now be displayed.

How to Get Your Blog to Display Again

Now you all might be thinking where has my blog disappeared to if it is no longer displayed on the home page. In order to display your blog again you simply need to take the following steps:

a) In your WordPress dashboard go to Pages –> Add New.
b) In the Title field enter the world ‘Blog’. (You can call it whatever you like but Blog is the most appropriate title.) Don’t enter any content on the page. Leave the content field completely empty.

c) Click the Publish button to publish the page.

d) Go to Settings –> Reading and from the Posts Page drop-down box select the Blog page you just created in step 2.

e) Click Save Changes.

Check out your website and you should now see a Blog option in the navigation bar. When you click on that you will be taken to your blog. If you don’t see it then it is probably because you have created a custom menu so you will need to go to Appearance –> Menus to add the Blog page to your main menu navigation bar.

Hopefully this will solve your query.


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WordPress Question Challenge For every one


This is a most desired option for WP user having a static post as static home page. For doing this you need to complete following tasks:

Create a new static page in WP. Give a title to whatever you like. Add your content what you want to show in your home page. Save the page.

Create a new post with only title (such as “Blog”) leaving its content area blank. Save the page.

Go to WP dashboardChanging post as static home page

Click Setting, click Reading area. Choose the static page you just created for your Front Page and the Post page for your Posts Page.

Select save changes. That’s all done.

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