WLAN icon for Nokia E63 won’t go away.

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Hi there,

My smartphone Nokia E63 usually has an icon for WLAN on the top when it is browsing the internet. I know it is off, when there is no icon (four little squares) on the top. That way I know I am not being charged for data.  

Recently, I downloaded whatsapp, and it kept connecting to my cell network even when I logged off whatsapp. So, I deleted whatsapp, but now I can't get the icon on the top of the screen to disappear like before.

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WLAN icon for Nokia E63 won’t go away.


You should try checking again the configuration of your phone and its internet settings as well. Maybe the application you installed somewhat disabled the wireless LAN icon (WLAN) which is usually found on the top of your display.

And when you removed the program from your phone, the operation didn’t automatically restore the WLAN’s icon on your screen. You should check carefuly every setting that you can find in your phone that might make the icon appear again as before.

But if you really can’t find the setting that will enable for the icon to appear again, it would be best if you will just restore your phone back to its factory setting. But before doing this you should backup your phone’s data first.

After ensuring that all data are backed up, you should now try restoring your phone to its factory setting. This will wipe all the data from your phone leaving it just like the first time you bought it.

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