Wireless Home Cinema System and Win7 Computer – Problem in Streaming Video

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I have a Samsung HT C5900 3D 5.1 Home Cinema System and a Windows 7 Home Premium computer. The Cinema System is connected to the router using a RJ-45 cable, and the PC is connected to the network via 802.11n.

I have enabled file sharing between these two devices, so I can access my files and folders in the computer through the Cinema System and, in turn, watch movies on the television.

I have subscribed to ‘Love Film’ on YouTube, and it would be really cool if I can also watch these videos on my television. Do you guys have any idea on how doing this?

I've heard that some people are able to use online streaming through Xbox, but I don't know how they are able doing it. Do let me know how I can set the whole thing up so that I can watch the videos at a more convenient and bigger screen.

Thank you so much.

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Wireless Home Cinema System and Win7 Computer – Problem in Streaming Video



You need to connect your cinema system also to your TV so that you can watch also things on the sometimes instead of big screen good idea but these same issues with this situation you need to connect your computer separately through the cables and connect them in such a way that when you turn on TV big screen automatically off. For this you need a design of some sort of circuit or the other options is you can do this manually.

As you want to see on TV instead of big screen disconnect the cables with big screen and connect TV cables to the TV.

Another thing is if you want to do this automatically then there are lots of problems like you need to design some sort of a circuit or you need to I PAD which has this sort of option and it connect to more than one thing.

So the manual options are enough for this.

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Wireless Home Cinema System and Win7 Computer – Problem in Streaming Video


There are many ways to connect your PC to a home theater system. I will try to explain two different ways which should solve your problem.

1. VGA connection.

Firstly, check your TV for a VGA connection port as this one:

 TV for a VGA connection port as this one

If not, you can also purchase a device such as a USB-to-HDMI or VGA-to-HDMI converter that also allows you to connect your PC to your HDTV, keep in mind however, that this way you will only transfer the picture, not sound.

USB-to-HDMI or VGA-to-HDMI-Example of a converter device.

Your next step should be to transfer sound from the PC to the home theater. You can start by checking your PC for an audio output connection that can be connected to your TV or home theater receiver. 

It should look like this: TV or home theater receiver and might require an adapter plug.

The only downside to this option is that you need to have your PC, TV and home theater system in the same room, close to each other, unless you are ready to stretch cables throughout your house.

2. Connect a Standalone Network Media Player to your home theater system.

The Network Media Players are devices that connect your home theater system to your PC or directly to the internet, enabling you to access files on your PC or audio/video content streamed directly from the internet.

Their working is based on your router, so if you have a wireless connection, you will be able to keep your computer in one room and the TV in the other. Keep in mind that the quality always comes with a price, so you should double check the reviews of the product before buying it. 

Here is an example of how a Network Media Player looks: Network Media Player.

I hope my answer is the solution to your problem,

Best regards.

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Wireless Home Cinema System and Win7 Computer – Problem in Streaming Video


Hi Thanks for the information. I used the VGA since it was easier for me.

I was able to connect it to my video system.

Thanks again.

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