Windows7 night mood screen to use in night times

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Hello expert, 

I am using Windows 7 on my laptop. When I am using Lap at night times I have some problems with lightening. Please tell me how can I create Windows 7 night mood screen to use in night times?

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Windows7 night mood screen to use in night times


Hello My Dear Friend,

I also had this problem, but this is not a very serious one. During the day we do not feel the need for the light or brightness from the laptop, but when night comes we find we need the brightness more. What you need to do is to dim the brightness during the day. You just need to follow some steps and your laptop will become perfect for daily use.

First of all, click the “battery” icon which is usually at the bottom of the screen, on the task bar. Then, click on “Adjust brightness” or “More power options”, whichever is available. A window will open and you will see the brightness options. You can now adjust the brightness according to your needs.

At night, repeat these steps and to make your laptop perfect for night use.

Hope this will help you.

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Windows7 night mood screen to use in night times


Hi Carlson

Have a nice day.

It may be possible to get your wish using themes. Right click an empty area on your desktop, select Properties, then on the Themes tab, click the "Save As" button to save the current theme to "Daytime" (We don't want to modify the windows themes).

Then click "Save As" again and save the theme as "Nighttime". Select the Nighttime theme and modify the background and fonts to those settings you want for night time use. Then save it again.

When you want to switch between the themes, right click the screen and choose Properties, and select the appropriate theme. I hope this will work for you.



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