Windows XP lite VMware Workstation error

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Recently, I downloaded VMware Workstation on my Windows XP Operating System and when I try to launch Virtual Machine the following error occurred which is understood by me. How can I avoid this problem? Have you any idea to fix this issue? Thanks.

Windows XP lite – VMware Workstation

Operation on file “F:My Virtual MachinesWindows XP Litewindows XP Lite-000002.vmdk” failed.

If The file resides on a remote file system. please make sure your network connection
and The server where This disk resides are functioning properly. If The file resides on
removable media. reattadw ihe media.
Choose Retry to attempt The operation again.
Choose Abort to terminate This session.
Choose Continue to forward The error to The guest operating system.
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Windows XP lite VMware Workstation error


Hi Wallace,

The cause of this error might be in memory allocation. The program cannot cope with uneven memory in the host. Perhaps you should try to expand your computer’s memory. You can go to your local store to ask for compatible memory for your machine.

I hope this tip will help you.


Martine Paul




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