How to fix Missing hal.dll on Windows 7

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<Windows root> system 32hal.dll 

Please re-install a copy of the above file. 

This message keeps on appearing every time Reboot.

My desktop is running windows 7 and have a 1.5 GB memory with dual core intel processor.

What could be the problem?

Does the problem exist in the hardware or the software (Operating System)

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How to fix Missing hal.dll on Windows 7


This is a problem with the software and not with the hardware, and you hardware specification has nothing to do with it.

This file (hal.dll) is file needed by the windows operating system to work properly.

The best solution to solve this problem is to make an operating system repair.

This will help you restore this file and make sure that it will not come up again.

The repair process is just simple, and if you know how to reformat using windows 7, it is just a piece of cake.

Just simply choose Upgrade, when you are prompt to choose Upgrade and Custom.

Then everything follows is easy.

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How to fix Missing hal.dll on Windows 7


This is a problem with your operating system where the HAL.DLL file may have been corrupted or deleted from the system.

Try restarting your computer first and see if it helps.

Check if your BIOS is set to boot to your hard drive as the first priority.

Try doing Startup Repair. Turn on the computer, hit F8, choose Repair Your Computer, select the correct language and keyboard setting then hit next. Click on Startup Repair.

Update the boot volume code to use the boot manager (BOOTMNR). You'll need the Windows 7 disc for this and you need to go through the same steps as with Startup Repair but this time choose Command Prompt. Type bootsect /nt60 sys in the command prompt window then hit enter. You should be able to get something like this:

C: (\?Volume{37a450c8-2331-11e0-9019-806e6f6e6963})

 Successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode.

 Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.

If you get an error, try bootsect /nt60 all. Close command prompt then Restart the computer after taking the disc out. If this fails, you may need to reinstall Windows 7 in your computer.

This will wipe out everything on the computer and install a fresh copy of the operating system. If that doesn't work, run a hard drive test as the previous troubleshooting has already covered all software related to the problem.

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How to fix Missing hal.dll on Windows 7



You just simply restart first your computer and then just reboot your system and then check the Boot sequence in your Bios than if the boot is configured then the boot order in the first list a hard disk in other that one with your machine usually – used and copy in the windows installed maybe that can be cause the problem to your system just simply perform a Startup repair to process from the windows and vista to automatically fix the error or will repeatedly fix the hal.dll problems produced from the corruption of the haal.dll file itself just try on that to solve your problem.


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