Windows Mobile 5 keeps on restarting

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I possess an HTC from O2 mobile communication. The warranty is over since this mobile is an old one with the operating system to be of windows mobile 5. The physical description of the phone is that it is a rather big one with a tap-screen. I am really attached to this phone. Lately it has been through some troubles. One year back, I noticed it to restart whenever I use too much of internet from Wi-Fi source.

I usually format it to factory settings on approximately semester basis for the phone not to be too overloaded. I prefer having it for calls and music listening. Internet browsing has not been recently my activity. The Wi-Fi hardware on the phone works on and off. I guess the phone has become too old. Recently when I reset the HTC to factory settings, the phone would not load, instead it would show windows loading screen just like a computer screen when windows is loading and before coming to my mobile desktop, it would restart. It keeps on doing that for several restarts before coming to a white screen. Is my HTC mobile phone dead?

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Windows Mobile 5 keeps on restarting


Hi! Andrew,

There are so many possibilities that cause this issue. Hardware failure, OS issue, and also maybe program installed. What I’m trying to say is WM 5.0 generated by Windows for multi tasking purposes in smart phone basis but sometimes due too many applications run, it will be affected your HTC hang also.  Almost like Windows at laptop or desktop. These are list of troubleshooting that you may try:

  1. Normal, juts try on restart your smart phone and pull out the battery. Leave it outside for a while and put it back the battery. On it and see.
  2. Hard reset is also one of the possibilities that you could try and for some reason it will work to solve this kind of issues, depending on the system actually.
  3. Try to restart your smart phone with out sim card. If it’s working properly than I think issue comes from the sim. Need to replace it, check with your operator.
  4. If your HTC became spoiled before you just installed any software, maybe that’s one of the reasons the issue arose. Probably it’s not compatible with the smart phone.
  5. You may try this also but a bit technical and actually this solution work for XDA. You need to dissemble your HTC and go to the main board. When you find the connector, just tight it up.
  6. Try disconnected the ribbon cable and cleaned both the cable end and the connector. Maybe the ribbon cable was not seated properly, so it’s better to make sure everything assembled perfectly.
  7. Replacing screen may be also one of the solutions due to hardware issue.
  8. Try forcing it into the flash mode. Press *# power button and then flash it, hopefully it will bring it back to live. When you do this, you need to consider one thing. Maybe you’ll loose everything due to your phone will be taking up like new.
  9. From what I search from the internet, this issue also intends to occur due to user flashing font. I never touch HTC before, but this is what I found out:
  10. The font goes as follow, In FB3 –> flashing Bin file with Flash & Backup 3 – Write Data tab > Add > Choose file > then in the field "enter start address" write 10E60000, select code group CG4, click OK, then click Write.
  11. For the DRM it goes as follow, in FB3 –> flashing DRM file with Flash & Backup 3 – Write Data tab > Add > Choose file > then in the field "enter start address" write 10D20000, select code group CG15, click OK, then click Write.
  12. Last, if you like to pair it up with your laptop or desktop then try to update from there. Maybe it will help you to solve the issue.

This is only from my opinion using windows based machine but never had it before for the mobile. Normally this kind of issue occurs due to incompatible software installed with current OS used.

Best Regards,


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Windows Mobile 5 keeps on restarting


Hello Andrew,

The problem as you mentioned in the process of HTC from O2 mobile communication is that due to damage of software or application error occurred in the operating system. Its true and sorry to say that each and every attempt will result in the error which the same or the count of the error might be increased when performing the installation.

Its better to uninstall first the entire application installed successfully by restarting the computer and then re-install again from first and its better to check that all files are working fine in the application. The reason for getting the error may also be the missing of the file of your application so you better ensure that all files in that are working fine and hence then only without error the installation is successful.
Thank You.

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