Windows Media Player shows error while playing a file

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Hello experts,

I am getting this error message for most the .avi files in the computer. I tried to update the Windows Media player but nothing helped me. Even the web help is not supporting me to play the video file. I tried the general methods like restarting the computer but even that is not working. Contribute your ideas please. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

Message from webpage

Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.

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Windows Media Player shows error while playing a file



This error message indicates that Windows Media Player is facing some trouble playing the media file. If there is any misconfigured codec or other third-party software installed, then also this problem might occur.

First of all, do the followings:

1. Start Windows Media Player.

2. From the top-right corner, start Organize >> Options >> Library.

3. Uncheck the box after “Retrieve additional information from Internet”.

If that doesn’t work, download and install the latest Windows Media Player. Before installing this one, remove the older one first.

If the problem still persists, then download and install this K-Lite Codec Pack Basic. Check the box saying to association with Windows Media Player.

Now Windows Media Player will definitely work fine.

If you have got trouble after doing all these, you’ve to get other media player. I also use others instead of this annoying program. Use VLC, KMPlayer etc. These are well known and good player.

Or, you AVI files might be corrupted. Use this repair tool to fix your files. Otherwise, convert them into other format using Format Factory.

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