Windows Media Player cannot play videos with .AVI extensions

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I decided to download a movie my best friend keeps on telling me about. He even gave me a link in ISO hunt where to download. I am a little bit curious in the movie as well, but to my frustration, I have waited almost five hours of download, but I cannot see the video!

I can only hear the conversations. My best friend testified that he was able to successfully watch the video from the given link. There were good comments as well on the ISO hunt page.

The file extension of the movie I have downloaded is .AVI and I am using the usual Windows Media player to watch videos, so I guess this is the reason why all my .WMV files are working.

I tried the downloaded movie on Real Player, as well on Nero Player and hate to say this, but I am really discouraged. If anyone has their decent advise, kindly comment.

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Windows Media Player cannot play videos with .AVI extensions


Hi Jessica,

It may be frustrating to find out that the movie you downloaded just would not be seen after all the methods you’ve tried. Maybe if you take the time to read, then perhaps one of the solutions here can finally give you the satisfaction of viewing the .avi files you wanted so much to watch.

  • Lack of codecs is the cause of your being unable to view .avi files on windows media player. For this case all you have to do is download the proper codecs here, install and reopen windows media player to try it out.
  • Another codec pack worth mentioning is the “K-Lite Codec Pack” , a collection of codecs and other multimedia tools. It includes support for almost every multimedia codec out there. It also includes with it a version of the venerable Classic Windows Media Player of older windows versions, revamped with so many useful features. Just download, install and choose either to run your .avi file from Windows Media Player or choose the classic version.
  • There exists a versatile media player called “VLC" (VideoLAN Player) that has the ability to play just about any multimedia file there is. You have to try it out to appreciate a nicer set of features that are unavailable on other multimedia players in the market.
  • There is a tool called “SHERLOCK: The Codec Detective” that tries to find out problems with codecs on your particular computer. Install to run a codec report that informs you about broken codecs, to give you an idea of what has gone wrong when trying to play specific file formats.
  • Running the System File Checker on your machine may help restore system files that may have been corrupted by replacing them with the original versions. Just go to “Start > Run”, type “CMD” without the quotes and enter “sfc /scannow” without the quotes.
  • An older version of the codec finder called the “Gspot” previously mentioned does almost the same, except that it finds out what codecs are needed to play a media file that won’t play.

I’m sure that the first few suggestions I made have solved it for you as it did for me, having spent countless hours looking for the right codec in the past.

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Windows Media Player cannot play videos with .AVI extensions


One of this two software will solve your problem. Trust me I have already fix this AVI issue from long time before.

Combined Community Codec Pack

  • This software almost plays every single video extension that I know out there. AVI, FLV, RMVB you name it this will surely play the video with no problem at all. It comes with a Media Player Classic and it is pretty reliable to watch videos on it. It also fix some audio file issues.

DivX Codec

  • The software merely plays all DivX format video like Xvid Avi or DivX file video extensions just like that. This will surely fix your problem but the thing is it is only for those kind of video format. But most video files from are DivX codec supported.

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