Windows Live Movie Maker error opening the projects

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After creating and saving a movie yesterday with Movie Maker which it worked very good, today I have this error and I cannot open it because of this error message. I rebooted my laptop 2-3 times and this error is still here on my laptop. Please help me to fix this and tell me how I can solve this ? Why I have this error today since it worked just fine ?

Thanks !

De film kan niet worden opgeslagen. Zoek de ontbrekende bestanden of verwijder onbruikbare

Items uit het project. Probeer het vervolgens opnieuw.

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Windows Live Movie Maker error opening the projects


Thanks to Google I was able to translate that message on the screenshot. The message in the dialog box translates in English as “The movie can not be saved. Locate the missing files or remove unusable items from the project. Then try again.” It means the video clip you created using Windows Movie Maker seem to have missing files.

If you successfully saved the project and was able to preview it before, check if you move some files you included in the video clip. If your video contains several images or photos then probably one or more of those photos got deleted or moved to a different folder. Check the files you added in the video clip and restore them to its original location when you created the clip.

You will be able to save the project again once all missing files are restored in their original locations. If you can no longer locate the files, remove them from the video clip project so you can save it as a video.

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