Windows Firewall prevents connection to WiFi Internet

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Friends, help me. I am using a Dell with windows 7 ultimate edition installed. Now I have a problem with Windows Firewall, as shown in the screenshot. It worked at times, but the problem keeps recurring. Please help.


Update your Firewall settings

Windows Firewall is not using the recommended settings to protect your computer.

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Windows Firewall prevents connection to WiFi Internet



Wireless status needs to be checked to determine why your Internet won't work.

* To check this, right click on Wireless icon in your system tray.
* This will display the list of wireless network name/SSID detected in range

* Your Wireless network should be one of the list of Wi-Fi
* The status should say connected. If not, highlight yours and click connect, type your Network security key when prompted.

* Try browsing the net to see if it's working

Your Firewall might be the cause of this

* The screenshot says, Update your Firewall settings which means, your security software might be expired
* Your computer might have a 3rd party security firewall installed, not the built-in windows firewall
* You have to either manually update your security software if you have McAfee, Norton or any non-Windows built-in firewall

* Uninstall and re-install your security firewall if an update/upgrade does not work
* Contact your firewall manufacturer to check your subscription

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Windows Firewall prevents connection to WiFi Internet


Hello Travis Roy,

You have probably disabled your firewall and that is why you are having that problem. The recommended setting for the firewall is that it should be turned and therefore you will have to access in the control panel and under the security features enable the firewall settings.

Or you do not have to go for the long procedure of going back to the control panel. In the screenshot you have posted above you can see 'Turn windows firewall on or off, just click on that setting on your computer in the same window as the above and then turn the firewall settings ON.

Clair Charles


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