Windows Defender Error with Windows 7

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I have recently installed Windows 7 on my system and I am using Microsoft security essentials (MSE) as my antivirus. When I open my windows security, the windows defender is switched off there. When I click on it, an error pops up on the window. The screenshot of the error is as follows:

Windows Defender

Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x800705b4. This operation

returned because the timeout period expired.


After getting this error message the lower part of the windows security starts flashing showing the ON and OFF switches.

Can anybody be of some help for me? I am already using MSE as an antivirus. Even then do I really need my windows defender to be in working order? If yes, then please guide me how can I make it work?

Looking forward to your replies.

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Windows Defender Error with Windows 7


Dear Beatricegvavra, I have read your query.


You are encountering this error because of conflict between Windows Defender and Windows Security Essentials. It is because Windows Security Essentials has its own integrated Windows Defender so it disables Windows 7 version of Windows Defender. To fix this problem please do following:


·         Disable Windows Security and turn on Windows Firewall, temporarily to determine if it resolves your issue.

·         After disabling Windows Security Essentials now click on Start Menu and open Run. Type services.msc into Run and hit Enter. This will open services window currently running on your PC. In running services list, find Windows Defender Service. Make sure that it is running by verifying its status. If the status started, then it is working fine. If status is blank, then start it by right click and selecting start service.

·         If you still encounter problem on force start of Windows Defender, then try changing Startup type to Automatic.

·         Restart your computer; your issue will be resolved.


However my advice to you is, why not use some other security product? Such as Eset Smart Security 5, as for my personal experience it is much reliable product compared to other well-known security products. If you want to switch to Eset Smart Security 5, then you will have to clean uninstall your running security products to avoid any conflict.


Hope it helped.

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