Windows could not complete the installation.

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I recently purchased new Dell computer that a pre-installed 64bit Win 7 OS. I proceeded to set it up by running sysprep along with the audit and generalized options, and then produced image using imagex.

After that, I restarted my computer, but I got this error message "Windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer restart the installation". It only gives me the OK button as an option; the machine reboots after I click it and then tries again in an endless loop.

Has anyone encountered this before?

BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1 Installer Information

The installation files cannot be validated. Please verify the installer package and try again.



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Windows could not complete the installation.


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  1. Try to re-install the windows. Clean Install.
  2. Feel free to use this guide on how to clean install.
  3. Boot your computer from your windows 7 DVD. (Make your that the CD?DVD Drive is booted first in our bios).
  4. When promoted, press any key to boot from the DVD.
  5. Select your language and click next.
  6. Click on "Install now" to start the installation.
  7. Check the "License terms" check box then click next.
  8. Click on the Custom Advanced Option.
  9. Select the Hard Drive/Partition you want to install the Windows 7 system then click next.
  10. The installation will now start (It will flash/restart several time during the installation).
  11. Enter your Username/Password for your admin account.
  12. Type in your Product Key.
  13. Uncheck the "Automatically activate Windows when I'm online" box then click next.
  14. Click on the "Use recommended setting" to allow automatics updates and proper security settings.
  15. Select your time zone and set your time and date settings, then click next.
  16. Click on your computer's correct network location type.
  17. Windows 7 will now prepare your desktop to start up.
  18. Install all of your drivers.
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Windows could not complete the installation.


This information from the installer is an obvious indication that there is something wrong with the installer you are using. If you have downloaded the BlackBerry installer, make sure it came from the BlackBerry official website. Sometimes an error like this is caused by installer modification done by unauthorized individuals. It can also be caused by corrupted files.

Before the installation can start, the installer needs to unpack the files first but before unpacking the files they need to be verified. If there is a corrupted file or files, the verification will fail thus ending the installation. And also, since you are installing BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1, it is obvious that you are installing an old version or an outdated version.

Download the latest installer again from BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1. It supports BlackBerry Smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with BlackBerry 7.1 operating system or earlier. If you are using a much newer version of BlackBerry or your device runs on BlackBerry 10 OS, you should use BlackBerry Link for BlackBerry 10. It should fix your problem.

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