Windows can’t boot without CD

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Hi friends,

I have HP Compact dx2300 Microtower (HP Compact Home Edition).  I have downloaded a lot of files recently to update my system, some of which are Internet Explorer 8, Yahoo Messenger, Adobe Reader, etc.  After downloading, a system restart was required to enable the system to apply all the changes.  I did the restart, but after that there was just a blinking cursor and a message saying cannot boot from CD.  I manually turned off the CPU, tried to restart it again, but same thing happens.

I tried to insert the Windows Installation CD and it does the trick.  I think this is not normal.  Windows should be able to launch by itself without the CD.  How can I fix this? Do I need to re-install windows?  Did my file download caused this problem? What files should I avoid to downloading from the internet?


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Windows can’t boot without CD


Hi Sam,

 The problem is that your System boot files are corrupted or missing. I guess you are using Windows xp.
The solution is that you will have to rebuild your boot database. This is how it will be done.
Insert the Windows CD.
Press R when the welcome screen appears (Blue Screen)
Select the partition.
Type BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD (hit enter).
Type Exit (hit enter).
It's done.

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Windows can’t boot without CD


 Hi, it is true what you say that windows should be able to start by itself without the startup cd. The most probable cause of this error is that the startup files or system files may be missing or not properly installed into the system. You need to ensure you install all the system files and startup files required for the Windows software, otherwise it will always have similar problems. You also need to have the correct windows installation disk, i.e. if your computer uses Xp Service pack 3. That's the disk you need to install the software from. Windows O/S usually needs restarting of the computer after installation. So you may need to reinstall the program. Thanks

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