Windows Cannot Copy Files Required for Installation

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Hello everyone at TechyV!

Windows Vista won't install on my laptop…It has a DVD ROM (DVD Multi Recorder, CD Rewritable) which I used to read and run the installation CD. Halfway through the process it stalled and popped this error up. I'm told the problem might be my ROM. Does this affect the installation or not?

Thanks for clarification and I would appreciate solutions to this.

Thank you kindly.


Install Windows

Windows cannot copy files required for installation. The files may be corrupt or

missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available , and restart the

installation. Error code:  0x80070241


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Windows Cannot Copy Files Required for Installation


Hi Colden

       Before Installing your Operating system in your Laptop make sure to check for the following:

  1. The Requirements for installing it depends on the kinds of Vista you want to install.  The basic or the higher edition.
Vista Basic Vista Advance
  • Processor

1Ghz-bit (x86) or 64-bit(x64) 


1Ghz-bit(x86) or 64-bit(x64)

  • Ram


  • 1GB
  • Hard Drive

20GB and free space 15 GB

  • 40GB and free space 15GB
  • Graphics card

DirectX9Graphics and 32 MB of memory

  • DirectX9graphics,  WDDM Driver,

128MB of graphics memory, pixel shade 2.0, and 32 bits/pixel

  • DVD -ROM Drive, audio output and net connections
  • DVD-ROM Drive, audio Output and net connections

Hope this may help you,


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Windows Cannot Copy Files Required for Installation


Hello Colden,

With Error code: 0x80070241 encounter during the installation of Windows Vista the probable cause of these are the Windows Vista CD installer might have problem that difficult to read in your DVD drive because of CD sometimes scratch due to mishandling.

We might think sometimes that not all Operating system installer are 100% perfect in distributing the products and same with the hardware that we used in reading the CD installer such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and DVD super multi/combo.

Isolate the problem using an external CD or DVD drive or use a program WinToFlash to transfer operating system software to flash rive.

Moreover, the hard disk must format in a standard way not in quick format option to determine more if hard disk has a bad sector and Genuine Windows Vista operating system has an intelligent manner in moving forward for installation because it will not proceed if a system does not meet the said requirements above in the first solution.



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