Windows 8 versus Mountain Lion

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Which OS do you believe will end up being a better platform; Microsoft Windows 8 or Apples Mountain lion.

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Windows 8 versus Mountain Lion


Hello Carey,

Both of these operating systems are great, just that their target market happens to differ a little bit. The Microsoft Windows 8 operating system targets surface tablets, and as of right now many people in the world use surface tablets.

If it happens to be an outstanding operating system that will be liked by many people then it will easily win people in the niche of surface tablets. But factors like its ease of use as well as affordability will determine its how people will like it.

As for the Apples Mountain Lion, its target market includes the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. And as we know these devices are used by many people all over the world too. So it can be as famous as the Windows 8 OS if people find it attractive and easy to use. It will also depend on the people's taste between the two operating systems.



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Windows 8 versus Mountain Lion


Dear User,

Your question really depends upon the type of the OS you seek. The difference between these two Operating Systems are evident right from the moment you log in to your system.

When you log in to windows 8 you see a whole new realm of windows. It is so different from any other windows operating systems.

Windows 8

But when you log in to Mountain Lion you see the typical Mac OS X desktop. With some new features in it.

Mac os X

And both of these operating systems are looking forward for the same goal. But they have their unique approaches towards the goal.

Whatsoever I wouldn’t think that one of them makes it to the top and one fails. I think both will make it to the top.

Thank You.

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