Windows 8 to allow only Internet Explorer

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After Windows 7, users are waiting the much hyped windows 8 OS which is limiting users to the use of only 1 browser – Internet Explorer. Mozilla and Google are challenging this decision of Microsoft, but would users not be able to download and use these 3rd party browsers such as Mozilla, Google, Opera, etc?

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Windows 8 to allow only Internet Explorer


Windows 8 is a new surprise from the Microsoft. This operating system is fully secured than other operating system such as like windows XP or windows 7. Even windows 8 and windows 7 is most similar in maximizing program but windows 8 is better to look and operate. Actually everybody will like it for the dynamic style with animated visual effect.

Microsoft added the latest version of Internet Explorer in windows 8. If you want you may update it too with the latest version after release. Mozilla and Google Chrome is most famous 3rd Party browser in world. So I think there have no any risk to use it in windows 8. So if you are not satisfied to use Internet Explorer then you may choose another browser on your windows 8.


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Windows 8 to allow only Internet Explorer


Hi Dineshgala,

Windows RT the ARM version designed to be used on tablets cripples all 3rd party browsers hence making the users of windows tablet to forcefully use Internet explorer.

Mr Anderson claimed that the 3rd party browser would be incapable of dealing with the power and security needs of the mobile atmosphere. This clearly shows that Microsoft is denying them installation rights. 

However if a 3rd party insists on being on the windows 8, it has to distribute through the windows store  which further trickles down to making them develop using the Windows RT code. This thus gives an Internet explorer a huge advantage over the rest.

Please go to this link for more information.

Windows 8 To Cripple Third Party Browsers on Tablets, Mozilla and Google Cry Foul

Microsoft Planning Third-Party Browser Ban for Windows 8

Hope this helps.

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