Windows 7 Shut Down while Playing Games?

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I'm an extreme gamer. About 6 months ago, I bought a custom made Desktop computer with the following Specifications:

Core i7 2.6Ghz

4GB Ram

500 GB Hard Disk

XFX 1 GB 6570HD ATI Raedon Graphics Card

So far, I never had any problem with it but yesterday I had a weird problem. While I was playing GTA – IV, my computer suddenly Shut Down, with No Error message or any Warning. Just windows 7 Shut down Screen appeared.

I'm using a Cooler Master Power Supply, so I don't think it's a Heating problem.

I tried to restart it suddenly after the shut down, but I didn't restarted. It took about 4-5 minutes then it came back On.

Since yesterday, it happened 3 times, but it only happens when I'm Playing a Video Game. Not when I'm doing other routine work like music or movies etc. It is also not associated with the GTA  IV, as it is happening the same way for every game I Play. Its too frustrating for me to live without video games, so Please help me what Should I do to Solve this Problem.

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Windows 7 Shut Down while Playing Games?



Hi there, try reducing your Video Acceleration, and also try updating your driver software. If the problem still occurs. The you will have to reduce or turn off the video acceleration. Here’s how:

First is to open the Screen Resolution

Click the start button then drag the mouse cursor into the control panel, then find the Appearance and Personalization, click the Adjust screen resolution.

Next is to click the Advanced Settings, then click the Troubleshoot tabular then change the settings. Take Note: that in some video card you cannot allow to change the settings.

Now move the hardware acceleration slider into None to reduce then turn off the video acceleration. Reboot your computer… Hope this will help.

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