Windows 7 isn’t showing up in boot list

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I have installed Linux Mint Julia.

And when I start the PC Mint boots automatically without giving any option of booting Windows7.

I have also searched on internet but nothing came across me. 

Please help me in this problem.

Thank you

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Windows 7 isn’t showing up in boot list


Maybe when you tried to make your system to boot on multiple operating systems you did it the wrong way. Usually, in creating multi-boot systems Windows NT-based operating system is the foundation. For example, if you are going to create a multi-boot using Windows XP and Windows Vista, since they are both Windows NT-based systems you can use any of them as the base. For example we choose Windows XP as the base this will be installed on drive C as the main operating system and handles the multi-boot menu.

Since you have 2 operating systems, you need to create 2 partitions. The first partition, which is drive C, will be set as active primary partition and should be set visible. This is where you will install Windows XP, the base or main operating system. The second partition, drive D, should also be set as primary partition and make it hidden. This is where you will install the second operating system, Windows Vista.

After creating the 2 partitions, install first Windows XP on drive C. After installing it, install Windows Vista on drive D. After completing all the procedures, upon reboot Windows XP will present you the multi-boot menu, having Windows XP as the default operating system and will be booted automatically after the specified time is exhausted.

This is the proper procedure in creating multi-boot operating systems. If you are trying to create a multi-boot using Windows 7 and Linux, try using Windows 7 as the base or the foundation of the multi-boot environment. I’m not familiar with Linux so better see first its documentation in their website if you can do a multi-boot with it.

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Windows 7 isn’t showing up in boot list


You want to use 2 operating systems. If you have P4 processor chip then I will recommend you employing virtual operating system rather then setting up a couple operating system about identical LAPTOP OR COMPUTER.

Simply by setting up a couple operating-systems you will boost your current unit footwear period and as well because you have to put in owners yet others material to your 2nd operating system also.

If you use any virtual unit (i would certainly recommend sunlight virtual for because it truly is free), your 2nd operating-system are going to be running in your initial operating-system.

However, you need to have at least 1 GB of ram.

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