Windows 7 Aero Features are not running or displayed

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How can I get my Windows 7 Aero features working?

After upgrading my laptop from XP to Windows 7 Enterprise edition, the Aero features or visual effects are not working.

These include visual Aero Glass effects, themes and transparencies.  

My laptop passed the system requirement.

I have 2 G of RAM with NVIDIA driver that supports Aero. Any settings that I can configure?


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Windows 7 Aero Features are not running or displayed


For Windows 7 Enterprise Edition the default setting of your display is already set to an Aero theme. Also you have to make sure that your video card can support the Aero theme. Another thing is that you have to have a Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) installed and not some XP-based XP Display Driver Model (XPDM).

An example of this is an Intel i945 supports WDDM, while an Intel i915 does not support WDDM. So if your laptop has an Intel i915 installed, you will not be able to run an Aero theme. Also try to test your system for the "experience index" just in case, which measures your hardware and software configuration to see if it is compatible for an Aero theme.

Possible problems as to why your computer can't run Aero theme's could be:

  • The current theme of your computer doesn't support Aero.
  • Desktop Window Manager which is needed to run Aero has been disabled.
  • The transparency of your computer is disabled.
  • The color depth of your computer is just too low.
  • The themes service isn't running.
  • Your Windows Experience Index is too low.

Hope this helped you out.

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