Will Windows 8 tablets replace laptops

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With the new Windows 8 coming out will tablets be able to replace laptops or are they just not powerful enough to replace laptops.

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Will Windows 8 tablets replace laptops


Hello Bridgette,

Laptops are gadgets that are now popularly used by many people, and some of the factors that make them so popular include:

  • The laptops are portable, and therefore they can be carried around with ease. Since some people are constantly traveling and they need to do their job while travelling, the laptops turn out to be so suitable for them.
  • The laptops are quite cheaper, and therefore nearly everybody can afford to have one.

If the windows 8 tablets have to replace the laptops, then they have to have features that will make people prefer them over the laptops. For instance they should be cheaper, easy to use and easy to carry around as well. But I do not think it will be possible for them to replace the laptops entirely.




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Will Windows 8 tablets replace laptops



Dear User,

As the technology improves day by day, people want more sophisticated and easily handles devices for day to day work.

Earlier days Laptops were just the product we were searching for. But nowadays with iPads and everything, products have become more advanced and small.

And yes. With the new windows 8 OS the tablets will make a huge difference. And basically can replace Laptops.

But there are many concerns. Because some tablets cost too much when comparing to Laptops.

But nevertheless it really depends upon your need. And your expectations.

For an example the new Samsung series 7 tablet is in fact a laptop killer. With so much features init.

Thank you

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