Wii 2 Game Pad LCD Touch Screen

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The LCD Touch Screen of the Wii 2 Game Pad has an aspect ratio of 16:9. 

How does the Wii 2 Game Pad LCD Touch Screen compare with other touch screen game consoles?

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Wii 2 Game Pad LCD Touch Screen


The Nintendo WiiU’s touchpad game controller’s very huge advantage over touch-enabled gaming consoles is that the touchpad controller is like it is, a controller. Its full machine is a full entertainment gaming system that is connected on a TV. Sure you can play games on the controller’s LCD screen, but only simple games.

To fully utilize the power of the Nintendo Wii U though, you need the touch-enabled controller and your TV to work in unison. Imagine playing an adventure game where you can focus on your character at the TV screen yet you can look on the LCD on the controller for the currently equipped items of your character. Imaging using the LCD on the controller as a magnified version of whatever your TV is currently displaying.

This combination is a revolutionary move and treated as the next-generation of home entertainment. Other touch screen gaming consoles like the IPhone and the WiiU’s little brother the Nintendo 3DS are only used as gaming tools because of portable reasons, because you can play anywhere.

The Nintendo WiiU however, is intended as a home entertainment experience, which is targeted for a group of friends or for the family. Expect the Nintendo WiiU to revolutionize the home gaming experience when it is released on the coming holidays.

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