Why we need to use pic compiler?

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Why we need to use pic compiler? I would like to know the main purpose and the advantage of using a pic compiler and how does it affects your coding efficiency? I just want to make a research regarding this matter for my upcoming report about information technology facts.


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Why we need to use pic compiler?


A pic compiler (or any compiler) is a program that translates one computer program into another. Source code written in a high level language is translated into machine code that the microcontroller understands. This simplifies the task since we do not have to write assembler – we are only concentrating on the high level language. The main advantages of using the PIC Compiler is:

The Compiler language lets's you:

  • Code applications more quickly – less lines of code than assembler.
  • Write programs that are easier to understand.
  • Use ready made libraries – you don't need to write as much code.
  • Concentrate on the task – it manages low level hardware details.
  • Use the same source code for different target micros.
  • Work only in the high level language – no need for assembler.
  • Read the code easily (see layout of the example above).
  • Program different microcontrollers in the same family e.g. PIC.
  • Learn a standard language such as C to use in a profession.
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Why we need to use pic compiler?


Its much easier working with a high level language because it uses words that are recognized by humans

This results in a program that is easily to understand. With the help of this compiler you can visually described the program flow using tabs and spaces.

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