Why is there no sound on youtube videos?

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I do not have any sound when playing video on YouTube.

What can I do?

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Why is there no sound on youtube videos?


If u are facing this problem then according to me you have some possible errors:

1st One is that their might be problem in your sound card driver that is the reason that you are un able to hear the sound of your YouTube videos so please install correct drivers according to model of your pc.

2nd Error that should be that you have hardware problem of your sound system so check this fault also.

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Why is there no sound on youtube videos?


It can be happened for many reasons.

You can try to fix it by installing correct audio drivers for the audio adapter. If the audio adapter is integrated into Motherboard, just go to the official Motherboard manufacturer's site, choose correct model, OS and download audio drivers.

Otherwise, you may still not have sound on YouTube, then follow these instructions:

1. Install latest Adobe Flash Player.

Download link: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

2. Download fix sound.reg (1.70 kb).

3. After the file has been downloaded, run it, when it prompts you whether you want to add this info to the registry, click Yes.

Remember, this will work in Windows XP, Vista, 7.

Hope this will help.

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Why is there no sound on youtube videos?


Try following these steps:

1. Check the volume control on the speakers and your computer.

2. Check the volume control on the YouTube player.

3. Close and re-open your browser.

4. Check if the volume is turned on on video players like Quicktime, WMP and Real Player.

If there are still no sound, continue with the steps below:

1. Ensure that you have installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for streaming YouTube videos.

2. Allow the third-party Flash content. Go to the Adobe Flash Global Storage Settings Panel.

3. Check your antivirus and your Firewall to see if it's blocking the Flash content.


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Why is there no sound on youtube videos?


By default, audio is enabled when you play a video on YouTube. If you don’t hear a sound, check if the tab is muted. Right-click the tab on top of the browser to check. If you see “Unmute Tab”, it means the tab is muted. In this case, you will not hear anything from that tab that’s why YouTube doesn’t have audio.

To restore audio, right-click the tab and select “Unmute Tab”. On the other hand, if you see “Mute Tab”, it means the tab is not muted and you should hear audio. If you can’t hear anything, try opening YouTube on a different web browser. Like if you open YouTube on Mozilla Firefox and you can’t hear anything, open YouTube on Google Chrome or Opera.

If the problem is the same with any browser, you need to check if your computer can play sound. Open Windows Media Player or any media player then play a video or music. See if you can hear a sound. If you can’t hear a sound, it means your sound card is not installed. You need to install the driver to make sound available on your computer.

Download the sound card driver from the following manufacturers if your computer is from one of these:

On the support page, enter your computer’s model number or serial number then click to search. When your product is located, click it to go to the download page. Select the driver download section or tab. The page should detect your operating system automatically. If the page shows a different operating system, click to change then select your correct operating system.

Download and install all available drivers and software for your computer especially the sound card driver.

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