Reason behind posting articles on directories

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Hi mates,

I heard from people who are doing article marketing that, they submit their articles to low tier directories, after they've submitted their articles to the top 3-5 article directories .

But one thing always confuses me, what is the theory behind it? Because I'd rather write one seo optimized reader friendly article and build links on it, instead of submitting 20-30 articles which won't rank higher. 

Lets say even if i submit my article to all other low tier directories, will it do any good to me in terms of traffic?


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Reason behind posting articles on directories


Depending on your focus, people tend to use article marketing either to generate backlinks, or to generate click-throughs.

Those who are looking primarily for backlinks tend to favor quantity over quality, and as such tend to product lower-grade articles and submit them to as many places as possible.

Those who look primarily for click-throughs tend to focus more on quality, readibility, and optimization, and generally submit to one or a select few directories.

The purpose of generating backlinks is to boost the SERPs ranking of their target site. For that purpose, the more backlinks the better. For that purpose, readibility and quality aren't that important.

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Reason behind posting articles on directories



  • No, it's better to submit articles on 1 high page rank directory rather then submit it on 20  low page rank directory.
  • If we submit our article on high page rank article directory then our site link will crawl more frequently.



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