Why my Windows is showing unknown setting messages?

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Hi guys, I have windows 7 and since 2 months its showing "do you want to set these settings as default yes or no" what it is I did not make any settings or changes to my PC but still it shows this message every time I open it and nothing happens if click on Yes or on NO again next time when I open PC again it will show the same message.What is the problem?? I don't know please help me fix it

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Why my Windows is showing unknown setting messages?


If Microsoft Windows 7 is bundled with your computer, make sure you didn’t install any applications before. That message is not an indication that you made some changes to your system. That message might appear if you previously installed a program. Uninstall any previously installed applications that you might not need. If the message appears right after you start the computer then the program is included in the startup applications.

To check which program is causing it, click Start, Run then type without quotes “msconfig” then hit Enter. In System Configuration Utility window, select Startup tab. Uncheck the first item on the list then click OK. Restart the computer then see if the error appears. If you still see the error then you unchecked the wrong application.

Repeat the same steps and go back to the Startup tab. Check the item you previously unchecked and then uncheck the next item on the list. Click OK then restart the computer. See if the error appears. Repeat this procedure until the error disappears. When the error stops from appearing then you hit the faulty application.

Go back to the Startup tab and check what application it is. If you don’t need the program or you are not using it at all then might as well uninstall it. But if you still need it, try reinstalling it or upgrade it to the latest version. Restore all checked items in the Startup tab.

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