Why Mac over pc where every Mac is a pc?

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Why do you love Mac?

Can you share your Mac experiences?

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Why Mac over pc where every Mac is a pc?


Here are the very reasons why everyone must choose a mac:
Designed to last.

A Mac is designed for a long, productive life. Apple designers and engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each Mac is precisely built — inside and out.

From the down-to-the-micron fit of each internal component to the finish of the enclosure, every detail matters.

Born to perform.

To make a better computer, only quality components and materials will do. That’s why every Mac contains storage technology, memory, a graphics processor, even a power supply specifically chosen to give you the best performance possible.

Charge today and five years from today.

Getting a few hours of battery life from a notebook is good. But for a Mac, good isn’t good enough. That means you can power through a day of work or a day of classes without stopping to find the nearest outlet.

It’s packed with innovative features.

A Multi-Touch track pad, a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and a built-in camera — just to name a few. On a Mac, innovation extends to features you might not expect.

Now tell me Mac or PC?


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Why Mac over pc where every Mac is a pc?


Hi Josella,

A mac is easy to use, efficient, and it has a very friendly user interface. It is made with a lot of simplicity. Macs are less vulnerable to viruses compared to the Windows counterpart.

It also supports more than one operating system to run on it at a time hence being so convenient for organizations that use a number of operating systems in doing tasks.

Mac has the Apple store,  a place where you can take your Mac if anything goes wrong, and there's a good chance it will get fixed as opposed to Windows.

Mac has very compatible products, like the one below can be used as a computer apart from being just a phone.

The products of mac work well with each other, they do not have compatibility issues as you will find in Windows.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.


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Why Mac over pc where every Mac is a pc?


It's now been two years since I switched from PC to Mac. However I still use Windows 8 but why I love Mac is because:

  • It's a whole new opportunity to work on a new GUI.
  • The look and feel of Mac is too good to comment. The monitor, keyboard, mouse everything is made brilliantly well.
  • Now come to the OS, again a whole new opportunity to work on Linux based OS which is Mac OS X with added UI.
  • Using a Mac gives you the feeling of uniqueness. 
  • Much safer & secure against viruses.
  • The UI is brilliantly well & gives you the feel of using a super computer.

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