Why Is My Computer Beeping?

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Whenever I turn on my computer, it beeps. Also, the monitor stays blankand the option to log in to my computer doesn’t show up. I cannot turn on my computer. I tried restarting several times, but the result is same.Why is my computer beeping? Please help!

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Why Is My Computer Beeping?


Beeping of the computer is associated with failure of hardware. However, there are different patterns of beeping for different hardware problems. Generally, it is:

  1. The video card if there is a single beep
  2. The RAM if there are 2-3 beeps
  3. The processor if the beep is continuous

According to the status of beeping, we can suggest following measures:

For the processor, you have to remove it. The white thermal fixative of the processor needs to be replaced. In this case, it is advisable to contact a hardware distributor for help. If your PC is under warranty, you may ask the vendor for assistance.

For the video card, you just need to wipe it clean. The dust gets settled on the video card and may form a thick layer over a period.

For the RAM it is the same as the video card. Make sure the RAM is properly inserted in its slot.

Now restart your computer. It should work fine.

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Why Is My Computer Beeping?


When your computer starts beeping as you start the CPU, it indicates a problem on your computer. Most of the time, you will not be able to use your computer. When your computer behaves like this, you need to check some components connected to your motherboard. Unplug your CPU from the power then open the CPU case.

Since it is beeping, the problem can be anything ranging from memory, power supply, video card, motherboard, sound card, and others. Since it is very rare that the problem would be coming from the processor, try checking the memory or the memory modules. Regardless of how many are installed on your motherboard, remove all memory modules from the memory slots.

After this, connect only one memory card on the memory slot. Connect the CPU back to the power then start the CPU. See if it beeps again. If it doesn’t, power down the CPU, unplug it from the power, and connect the other memory card to the other memory slot. But if it still beeps, remove the memory card from the memory slot.

Remove all expansion cards connected to the motherboard like the video card, network card, USB adapter, sound card, and others. The remaining component left connected to your motherboard should only be the processor. Next, connect first one memory card on the memory slot then power the CPU. It should not beep. If it beeps again, transfer the memory card to another memory slot.

Normally, a motherboard has four memory slots so use all of them if it is necessary until the CPU no longer beeps and then connect all the components you removed back to the motherboard one at a time. Every time a component is connected, power up the CPU to test it. If it beeps, don’t connect it.

On the other hand, if the CPU keeps on beeping even when installing only the memory card, it’s time to bring the computer to a shop for proper servicing. The problem may be originating from the power supply or the processor. In case you found the device causing the beeping, you need to replace it.

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