Why Does My Internet Keepdisconnecting?

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I have a Windows 7 computer. Whenever I connect to the internet, it gets disconnectedautomatically. Why does my internet keepdisconnecting? This goes on and on. Is there a fix?

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Why Does My Internet Keepdisconnecting?


If your internet keeps disconnecting repeatedly, the strength of your local internet connection needs to be checked. A weak network signal over WiFi or very less connectivity might also lead to this problem. Also, this need not be a platform specific problem (not because of Windows 7). Before fixing this issue make sure:

  1. The drivers for your router and LAN card are correctly installed.
  2. There is no dust around the router or your computer.

Now let us fix the issue.

  1. Remove the PCI card from the CPU motherboard and re-insert it. Make sure it is firmly connected.
  2. Check the connection. If it is still unstable, open control panel and remove the network card from your device manager. You may need to update its drivers and add it back again.
  3. Open your browser and go to network settings.Check the default gateway and compare it with default gateway in the properties of your network in ‘control panel\network and ’ It needs to be the same.

If problem persists, contact your internet service provider.

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Why Does My Internet Keepdisconnecting?


Regarding the frequent disconnection, I guess you should ask your Internet Service Provider about that. Actually, I also experience that most of the time maybe because I’m on wireless internet. If you’re on DSL, I don’t think you will encounter that. Subscribing to a DSL internet service is better than with a wireless broadband internet.

With DSL, you are connected via cable that’s why you have a stable internet connection and a reliable speed. Unlike with a wireless broadband, like mine which is 4G LTE, you get a pretty unstable internet connection and a lot of disconnection everyday though the speed is pretty fast. Your problem is pretty common among wireless internet users.

So, to fix your problem with the frequent disconnection, transfer to a much stable DSL internet plan. There is actually no workaround on this. I, myself tried everything and look for ways why a wireless internet keeps disconnecting. At first, I thought it was my ISP.

But after learning other service providers are the same, it seems the problem is not with the ISP but with the wireless infrastructure itself. I think it’s the downside of wireless internet that purely relies in signal.

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