Why do I need community support?

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I am bisexual and I am not politically liberal.

So, why should I support a community when a big chuck of it hate me for bisexual and another chuck hates me for not being a political pawn?

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Why do I need community support?


Well mate, this is a site for your technical problems and not for your social problems. Anyways, while you are at it I thought to respond to you as it might benefit some one else as well. Being bi-sexual is not a bad thing. It is some thing which one cannot control by oneself. It is in built in a person.

Your likeness and dislikeness trends are in you and no one can change it. Even if you change for the sake of community, it would not help you from inside.

What you need to understand though is that you are part of a bigger community and you cannot live alone in this world. So you have to make some compromises. Think on those lines and you wont hate the community that much.

I hope you find inner peace soon.

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