Why Do Dailymotion Videos Do Not Work on PS3?

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Hello to all experts here,

I just want to raise the following questions about dailymotion videos work on PS3. Here are they:

  1. Why is it that just recently, dailymotion videos does not work on PS3?
  2. What might be the problem for this? Was it the compatibility issue on video format (PS3 supports MPEG)?
  3. Who is responsible for this, is it the PS3 developer (Sony) or  the dailymotion site itself?
  4. Anybody here who knows how to fix the problem? If there's a way on how to fix this, any idea on when this problem be possibly fixed?

Thank you.


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Why Do Dailymotion Videos Do Not Work on PS3?


Hello Daniel Nicholas,


I read your questions and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

1. Dailymotion updated its site so that it can be read using Adobe Flash 10 or higher. Playstation 3's web browser can only support Adobe Flash 9. You will have to wait and hope that the next Firmware Upgrade will address this issue.

2. The problem is that Playstation 3's web browser doesn't support Flash that is required by Dailymotion as explained in the previous answer.

3. It depends on which side you are looking at. It may be Sony because all of their upgrades will come from Japan and according to them, Japanese users doesn't really use Playstation 3's web browser so they don't see the need to upgrade. It may also be Dailymotions fault because they updated their site without even testing whether it will work on Playstation 3 or not.

4. You will have to wait until the next Upgrade and we're not even sure if it will address this issue. The best thing you can do is to write this issue to Playstation's Customer Support and hope they will address this sometime in the future.


Hope this helps.

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Why Do Dailymotion Videos Do Not Work on PS3?


Hi ,

1. Dailymotion Now uses only Flash player 10 and above , Ps3 uses flash player 9

2. Playstation 3 does not have the required flash version.

3. Neither, Sony just needs to update their firmware

4. The Best thing to do is to Email Sony Customer Care and ask them if they plan to address this issue in the future.

Hope this worked.

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Why Do Dailymotion Videos Do Not Work on PS3?


Check the version of the system software of your PlayStation 3. If your PlayStation 3 is running on version 2.50 or higher, the internet browser of your device supports Adobe Flash Player 9. If you visit a site that has flash content, you will be prompted on your screen with “Do you want to run the plugin?” Here, select “Yes” to play any flash content on the page.

If, for instance, the content does not play, try restoring the default settings of your device. On the XMB menu, go to “Settings,” “System Settings,” and then “Restore Default Settings.” After this, go back to the website and try to play that content again. See if it works. If this fails, try updating the system software of your PlayStation 3.

Go to PS3 System Software to get the latest update for your device. The latest Sony PlayStation 3 system software at the moment is version 4.81.

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