Why the computer is having virus always?

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What are the main causes of being contracted your computer to viruses?

Can you easily remove the viruses?

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Why the computer is having virus always?


The first reason why computers are easily get infected by viruses is the Copy and Paste feature. Viruses resides on memory after a program is launched into machine. And then they will easily spread in your computer's memory and infect all your files on your computer.

The second reason is when you are downloading from the internet. Today, people tends to create new attributes of viruses on the internet. You need to be very careful on downloading files because some viruses could not be easily removed and can also hide and modify your computer settings.

You need a strong antivirus software for this.

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Why the computer is having virus always?


Hi Richad-Ndb,

First of all, there are billions of viruses in this world. Each virus have its own name and they have their own missions. All type of viruses can harm your computer easily. Some of the virus have the ability to crash the computer's performance, creates loopholes for intruders. Opens backdoor to auto download viruses, some of them steal your confidential data and send it automatically to intruders, and some will make your pc 100% to death. Now a days the virus have a tendency to hide themselves from the antivirus. So its really a mess  when a computer is infected with virus.

Well there are a lot of antivirus programs out there to clean the viruses but installing a antivirus in affected pc have no use. So try to install antivirus before virus getting on it. The problem with installing antivirus in affected pc is that, the virus itself create a defensive shield to protect themselves and make your antivirus to crash itself (antivirus stops working).

Advice: Don't download antivirus from third party sites, Just make it from their website.

Recommended antivirus applications: Eset smart security 5, Eset nod 32, Quick heal antivirus & Kaspersky (highly recommended)

Hope these helped.

Thank you.

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Why the computer is having virus always?


Reasons for computer virus attack.

Computer can be under attack by viruses if the following happen;

1. When foreign devices which have viral attack are introduced to the computer or attached  to the computer. This causes transfer of the virus from the attacked device to the unattacked computer. It can be solved by removing the attack using antivirus which are bought from software maintenance delears. Once the antivirus is detected,you will the option of removing it and so the computer will be safe. You can as well install the antivirus so that future attacks are avoided.

2. Another cause for computer viral attack is visiting unsafe sites. There are some web sites which are unsafe and once visited behave in a way that interferes with computers normal function. This kind of virus may make your computer refuse to open some sites. This can be helped by allowing security setting that is protective to your computer.It is always got at the setting under the control unit.

3. Another cause is networking of computers in a network with unscreened computers. The hosts may not all be safe and this if done,will bring an attack.It can be solved by ensuring screening of the hosts and clients in a local network.

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Why the computer is having virus always?


There are several ways your computer can get viruses.

  • Installing free programs in our computers without proper research. Before installing any program, conduct a research. This way you are going to protect the system.
  • Scan programs before opening or downloading files. You are able to know if they have any viruses.
  • Install anti-virus software or anti-adware to clear up your PC. It is also advisable to download anti-virus software's from their original websites and not from third party sites.
  • Also make sure you delete the harmful program before running the program and disconnect it from the internet otherwise it is going to attach itself again.

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