Norton anti adware malware is not working well.

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I was hoping if someone will tell me correct settings for Norton anti adware malware to work properly. I recently changed some settings and since then it’s not working properly, it detects threats but don’t remove them. Also I’m not able to revert to default settings. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Norton anti adware malware is not working well.


Hello Nimrod,

You will need to check the Norton antivirus and see if you might have disabled some settings, for instance the Scanner. If all security settings have been enabled, you will need to try the following:

  • First, make sure that the antivirus is up to date. That issue may be occurring because the antivirus database is out of date, and therefore updating may fix the issue.
  • If the error persists, you will need to go to the control panel and uninstall Norton antivirus completely.
  • After that you can reinstall it and this time round stick with the default settings.

Hope this helps.




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Norton anti adware malware is not working well.



My Answer

Well dear For Norton Anti adware malware, you should follow the following instructions:

1. Check that your software is up to date, and if not then you should update the Norton Anti adware malware. This issue normally appears when the anti adware malware software’s database is older or out of date.

2. If the error continuous then please first uninstall the anti adware malware and then re-install.

I hope these tips will help you or else contact Norton support center.




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