Why cant I successfully download MacBook DIVA?

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I was trying to download to a MacBook DIVA but I received the following message: "Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x1." Can anybody help me understand what I should do to make this download work? Thanks for those who will share their ideas.

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Why cant I successfully download MacBook DIVA?


Hello there!

Here is a simple fix that can help you download the MacBook diva. First, check if your system is missing regsvr32.exe in your system32 directory. Go to My Computer, click drive C then click Windows.

Look for the system 32 folder. Open it and then look for the regsvr32.exe. If it is not there, try using the windows search and type in regsvr32.exe or you can type the following in the command window to find a copy of it:



Dir /s regsvr32.exe

Once you find it, copy and paste it to your system 32 directory.

Good Luck to you!

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Why cant I successfully download MacBook DIVA?


Hello Terry,

  1. To be able to download DIVA successfully on your MacBook, please do the following steps:
  2. Before downloading DIVA, you should first download MySQL, Mono and Opensim .07x.
  3. After downloading those three, the next step is to download DIVA.
  4. After downloading and installing DIVA, open terminal window and type in the following commands:
  • Shell > CD / user / local
  • Shell > tar / path / to / MySQL / -version OS.tar.gz
  • Shell > in full-path-to-mysql / -version OS / MySQL
  • Shell > CD / MySQL
  1. Run opensim.exe.
  2. Default avatar accounts.
  3. Fill loop back.
  4. Log in to DIVA.

Note: click the link below to download DIVA for free.


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